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  • Background

    The SWOT mission brings together two communities focused on a better understanding of the world's oceans and its terrestrial surface waters. U.S. and French oceanographers and hydrologists and international partners have joined forces to develop this satellite mission to make the first global survey of Earth's surface water, observe the fine details of the ocean's surface topography, and measure how these water bodies change over time.
  • Workshop Objectives

    This 2023 SWOT Science team meeting, organized 9 months after the successful launch of the mission, will be the first opportunity to present and discuss the early results obtained from SWOT data over all surfaces. It will also be an opportunity to discuss the initial field work programs performed in 2023, aimed at collecting independent in-situ and airborne data required for the calibration and validation of the mission products.

    The project teams from NASA and CNES will provide a detailed review of the current processing algorithms and on-going working plan for the release of initial pre-validated data products. The Science Team members will provide poster overviews of their SWOT preparation studies, and will discuss their validation plans for the key Science Validation Phase starting after the meeting.

    The objectives of the SWOT Validation Meeting, scheduled for early 2024, will be detailed as well as the calendar for the potential reprocessing of early mission products.
  • Workshop Format

    The workshop will last for 4 days. Two plenary sessions will be held on the 1st and last day, while separate splinter meetings for hydrology and oceanography validation plans will be held on the 2nd and 3rd days of the meeting.
  • Workshop Outcome

    Following the workshop, the proceedings  (presentations, discussion summaries and
    conclusions) will be prepared and made available to participants  and other interested parties on the AVISO website.
  • Workshop language

    The working language of the workshop will be English.
  • Workshop Organization Committee

    • Rosemary MORROW, LEGOS, FRANCE
    • Jean-François CRÉTAUX, LEGOS, FRANCE
    • Nicolas PICOT, CNES, FRANCE
    • Christine GOUHOT, CNES, FRANCE
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    All the information related to this workshop will be available on the website  www.swot2023.org

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